Sun King™ Pro All Night

This is not just your average Solar Powered Light.

The award winning Sun King™ PRO All Night has the longest run-time of all Solar Powered Lights with accompanying mobile phone charging capabilities.

Capable of providing bright light for an entire night, the PRO All Night can last up to 8 hours on full brightness and an impressive 45 hours on low brightness. It also comes fully equipped with a USB charger which is compatible with phones, tablets, GPS, speakers, and more.

RRP Price:
£4999 inc. VAT


Sun King Pro


Runtime Low mode, 17 lumens, 45 h, 22 h* Normal mode, 50 lumens, 16 h, 8 h* Turbo mode, 120 lumens, 8 h, 4 h*
LEDs Power LED with 120 lumens total flux (160 lumens per watt)
Battery 2800 mAh, 3.3 volt Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LPF) battery with 5 year life
Solar Panel 2.7 watt, 4.9 volt polycrystalline panel with aluminum frame and 5 metre wire
Enclosure Enclosure Polycarbonate & ABS IP64 rated, water-resistant enclosure with rubber charging port cover
LED Meter Display Battery Indicator. While in use, digital LED meter displays battery power remaining. Solar charge indicator. Digital LED meter displays charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to help optimize panel placement
Power Control Battery management technology automatically switches to low power when battery is running dry, giving user 5 hours of additional light.
Warranty 2 years

* After charging a typical mobile phone.

Download the Sun King™ Pro All Night, Overview (PDF)
Greenlight Planet, Brochure (PDF)

Real time LED displays and powerful USB port

Real Time LED Displays

The PRO’s easy to read LED meter displays the amount of battery power remaining, and charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5, in order to help optimise solar panel placement.

Powerful USB Port

The Sun King™ PRO All Night is equipped with a universal 5.5V USB port and a large capacity battery, which enables users to charge phones and other USB powered devices day or night. Micro and Mini USB connectors are included for compatibility, and the PRO All Night can also be charged separately via the supplied USB cable.

Rugged 3.3 Watt Solar Panel

This industrial grade detachable solar panel, with a repairable junction box and 5 meter cable, is aluminium-framed with an industrial glass protected solar panel resulting in superior durability and ultimate protection.

Rugged Solar Panel

Be prepared for any emergency

Sun King™ lights help you respond positively to any accident or natural disaster with long-lasting light, phone charging capability and rugged design.

Award winning Sun King™ multifunction format

Place it and aim, hang it up, or grab it and go! Accessible light, whenever and wherever you want.

Versitile solar lamp

Stand is removable for extra portability.

Sun King™ Pro All Night

Retail box includes : Sun King™ Pro All Night solar lamp, solar panel, carry bag, USB cable and 3 common USB connectors for charging mobile devices.

RRP Price:
£4999 inc. VAT

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