Sun King™ Pico

The PICO is the most compact of the range and benefits from having the quality polycrystalline solar panel built in making the PICO a complete system for easy transportation.

This product is perfect for all outdoor pursuits including camping, festivals, fishing, hiking, emergency supply kits, power cuts or anywhere off-grid.

It’s built to survive harsh climates all over the world; the PICO is virtually indestructible either outside or indoors.

The PICO also includes a stand....Place it and aim, hang it up, or grab it and go! Accessible light, whenever and wherever you want – all this and weighing in at only 150 grams!

RRP Price:
£1999 inc. VAT


Sun King Pico
Sun King Pro

Sun King™ Pro All Night

This is not just your average Solar Powered Light.

The award winning Sun King™ PRO All Night has the longest run-time of all Solar Powered Lights with accompanying mobile phone charging capabilities.

Capable of providing bright light for an entire night, the PRO All Night can last up to 8 hours on full brightness and an impressive 45 hours on low brightness. It also comes fully equipped with a USB charger which is compatible with phones, tablets, GPS, speakers, and more.

RRP Price:
£4999 inc. VAT


Sun King™ Home

Multi light, bright and durable light and power where ever you need it.

Ultra- Bright grid-like power: the highest performing solar lighting and energy hub for all your off grid needs.

Greenlight Planet’s Sun King™ HOME System is a complete solar-powered lamp system. It features 3 hanging lamps with individual wall-mountable light switches. The brightness of the lights ranges from 120 Lumens to a massive 600 lumens and the system can offer light for a full 24 hours after only one day of charging.

The Sun King HOME system is perfect for your shed, garage, garden, outbuildings, campground or anywhere else off grid.

RRP Price:
£15999 inc. VAT


Sun King Home